Hurricane Laura Devastates Louisiana Coastline

August 30, 2020

Hurricane Laura ravaged the Louisiana coast, leaving more than 400,000 residents without power and another 200,000 without water.

The hurricane’s effect is being felt all the way to Northern Louisiana and took the lives of 14 people. 10 in Louisiana and 4 in Texas.

Louisiana State governor John Bel Edwards issued a statement, saying:

“The devastation and damage stretch from south-west Louisiana all the way through north Louisiana, with more than a half a million power outages remaining, tens of thousands of people displaced from their homes and, sadly, at least 10 lives lost,.

The US government has declared a state of emergency in several parishes which will be receiving federal aid in the next coming weeks.

A statement from the White House reads:

“Assistance can include grants for temporary housing and home repairs, low-cost loans to cover uninsured property losses, and other programs to help individuals and business owners recover from the effects of the disaster.”


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