Huge Blizzard System Over Pacific Northwest Expected To Drop Over 7 Inches Of Snow

February 13, 2021

Some cities in the pacific Northwest are projected to receive more than a years worth of snow in the next day or so, thanks to a series of blizzards that are expected to roll through.

Cities like Portland have already gotten almost an inch of snow yesterday, which may not sound like a lot to us, but the last time they saw an inch was back in February, 2019 according to the Portland National Weather Service.

The big blizzard should have arrived sometime last night and into this morning.

“We`re still on track for a major snowstorm across the region tonight into Saturday,” the National Weather Service office in Seattle tweeted last night.

If the storm is as bad as they say it will be, Seattle is expected to get more than 7 inches of snow, making today one of the top 10 snowiest days on record.


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