How Your Brain Responds To Music

July 31, 2019

Written by Ari

We often hear that the music we listen to affects the way our brains work. For years, I’ve had this understanding that music has a way of enhancing our functions. Whether it may be the power to make us think more creatively, make us sad, or happy as can be. Well folks, that belief is true!

According to the article Brain on Music, music has the ability to reduce stress and pain and improve one’s motor skills, spatial-temporal learning and the brain’s ability to produce neurons. This article was very interesting to read because it went into depth of how music affects each part of the brain and the functions it may enhance. 

For instance, as you may know, the cerebellum part of our brain coordinates movement and stores physical memory. Therefore, I learned that an Alzheimer patient still has the ability to play the piano if he/she learned when they were young. How? Because playing the piano becomes a muscle memory, and those memories in the cerebellum never fade out. Crazy right?! I know. If you’re a science junkie like myself and would like to learn more, click here: 

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