How To Survive An Active Shooter Event – Run, Hide, Fight

February 16, 2018

This is the new world we live in where we may have to face the fact that an active shooter event could happen anywhere, even in our community. With that being said we must know what to do when a situation like this takes place.
So I came across this video by the FBI and The Department of Homeland Security that tells you what you can do if you get caught in an active shooter event.
Active shooter events last on average 8 minutes. In the recent case of the Florida High School shooting it lasted approximately 6 minutes.
In that time you have three things you have to decide to do in the moment which is run, hide, or fight. Depending on your circumstance you have to be prepared so if you can run then run, if you can find a place to hide then hide, and your last option if you come face to face with the shooter you are left with the option to fight.
In the moment it’s hard to know how you will react that is why you want to prepare as much as you can or at the very least know what options you have.

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