How to Homeschool during Covid19 Shutdown

March 19, 2020

If you are home with the kids, you are now tasked with responsibility of making sure students are entertained and educated during the Covid19 Shutdown.  As a mother of two school-aged kids I have found a couple tools that can help.

1. Check your child’s school email for assignments from teachers. They may provide links to platforms like google classroom that will help.

2. Scholastic News has set up a ‘Learn From Home’ website with four categories: PreK and Kindergarten, Grades 1 and 2, Grades 3-5, and Grades 6+. Each section is already equipped with one week of content for students with 15 additional days on the way.

3. ABC Mouse is having a sale, annual subscription is only $45 and you can cancel anytime.  This is a great tool for younger kids like mine, whose program at the YMCA is cancelled with no plan for online learning during the shutdown. With this deal you can pay in three $15 installments.

4. Create a schedule

If you are working from home, you need a set time for you to be on the computer and take care of business. Kids also need a schedule to complete their online lessons. They might not admit it but kids like structure and routine. So try to set it up similar to what they would do in their regular school day.

Example Home School Schedule:

Homeroom – Since you are literally at home, set an  hour for kids to get up, Shower, get dressed and Eat breakfast and have a general discussion about how they are doing.

1st Period English – read a book or article then write a few sentences about it.
(Little ones can practice identifying and tracing letters)

2nd Period Math – do an assignment from teacher or review / retake old tests
(Little ones practice counting and identifying numbers)

3rd Period Art – draw, color in a coloring book, make a craft, sew something


4th Period Science – get outside and explore nature. Identify plants and bird species.

5th Period Social Studies – talk about “Social Distancing” – help kids understand what it is and why we are practicing it. Take time to play board games, cards. Creating writing or journaling about thoughts and feelings that come up during the shut down.

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