How To Boil Water!

May 10, 2019

written by atu

****This post contains language that may not be suitable for all audiences**** 

Someone asked, “Who knows how to cook?”??
Me: I can cook! ✋
Old person: Booooyy, you can’t boil water!

So, for every aspiring chef, here’s a step by step booklet for you to get ya proper pot of boiling water out in these streets! In a real way. ?

First, you wanna select a premium pot with the sides up high. Not the real wide ones with low sides. ? Those pots are called pans. They CAIN’T boil water… they fry it! We’ll get to that…uuhh, never. ?

Next, whatcha wanna do is grab the pot by the handle (if ya got one) and place it under a bottle of good water. Some chefs like to use the tap brand but, I prefer spring, ? like #SpringBling BE CLEAR!!!

-Shout out to DJ Grand Imperial (G.I.) on the WDKX Block Party 12 noon to 8 on Sundays-

Anyway pot buddies, the third step is genius. After filling that pot up to about juuuust above halfway, ya wanna take that SAME POT and place it on a stove! Now, this is extremely critical to the boiling process. You can’t mess this up. ? Pay Attention!!! You don’t just place it on any area of the stove. Choose a desired burner for your premium pot to absorb that lavish heat

? This is something many fools don’t know. Take it from me! ? YOU ’bout to make this pot BOIL Babeh!!!

Now, turn your burner to its’ “on” status. Once you see bubbles, you got no troubles. ☕ This intricate process could take anywhere from 3 minutes to 25, depending on intel.

For more information, read it again! You must’ve missed something, ? dumb asses.

The guy who wrote this crap can be heard on ?? Rochester’s BEST Ride Home 3pm – 7pm on 1039 WDKX!

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