How to Be ‘Fully Vaccinated’ for Mike Epps Show in Rochester

October 7, 2021

If you missed the Fabulously Funny Comedy Festival  Oct. 2nd in Buffalo, you have another opportunity to see Mike Epps right here in Rochester, NY on November 12th. The “In Real Life” Comedy Tour also features Tony Rock, Dominique and Desi Banks at the Rochester Auditorium.

In order to gain entry to this show (and any others hosted at the Auditorium after November 7th)  you’ll need to provide proof that you are “fully vaccinated” against Covid19. According to RBTL, a person is fully vaccinated 14 days after they’ve received their final dose of the Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer or Moderna shot.

If you have not yet received your shots, time is ticking in order for you to get it all done in time.

Here is the a sample schedule that you may want to follow in order to be ready to see Mike Epps on November 12th.

Friday October 8th – receive first shot of Moderna, Pfizer, or the one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Wait three weeks (21 days) before going in for your second dose – as recommended by CDC.

If you took the J&J, you’ll be considered Fully Vaccinated on October 22nd.

Friday October 29th – receive second shot of Moderna or Pfizer

Friday November 12th you will be “Fully Vaccinated” and eligible to walk into the Rochester Auditorium (with a mask of course).

Read more about the RBTL’s Covid Procedures here.


If you don’t feeling like going through all of this just to attend a comedy show, there’s always Netflix.

Dave Chapelle just released his final Comedy Special called “The Closer” that is defiantly worth a watch.