H&M apologizes for using black child to sell ‘coolest monkey’ top

(DAIQUON)- H & M has been getting a lot of complaints for using a black child to model a sweatshirt that says ” Coolest monkey in the jungle.”

I recently saw this while scrolling down on my Facebook news feed, and I thought to myself ” this cant be real, this has to be fake”… I just will never understand how this slipped through the cracks. Out of all the creatives and marketers that photos have to go through before approved how did no one catch this? Are there that many culturally insensitive people working at H&M or do they actually feel this way about us?  .. shaking my head
As a result of the racist ad, H&M collaborator and model, The Weeknd, has decided to part ways with the brand.
Big question is … how do my WDKX viewers feel about this?