May 22, 2019

written by atu

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Everyone has their own interests in life. In business, the idea is to engage for a profitable return. When these two concepts are combined, things can get complicated.

Living day to day people have needs and enjoyments therefore, lifestyles are created for fulfillment. The business entrepreneur may then seek out patterns of engagement to benefit from creating the perception of being the provider of these fulfilling concepts.

Decades ago, ambitions were formed out of the desperation of less than fortunate communities. People created various levels of entertainment that soon became what is called Hip-Hop.

Hip-Hop is pop-lock or break dancing, graffiti art, DJing with trick formation (cutting, mixing), certain creative styles of dress (streetwear) and Rap. Among these few forms of expression is the base of the Hip-Hop culture.

Those within the entertainment business soon realized the popularity of these elements and later monopolized. One example of this is the eventual introduction of Rap as a new genre within the Music leg of the business. The now mainstream version of this format is called Hip Hop and R&B, which combines most African American artists of a certain appeal.

During an earlier time of Rap’s popularity, the focus was primarily on creative wit and wordplay. Because the art form didn’t rely on vocal range, there was the possibility of open-ended results. Now, there are artists within the umbrella of Rap with various presentations of creativity.

Times have changed and the majority of the fan base has grown. The demand for different styles of creativity within the genre grew with it. Various styles have always existed since the creation of Rap. In the music business, there seems to be only one style for each time period that sells. This switching of the guard causes conflict between the variations of artists.

Note: The conflict is always unnecessary unless it creates revenue.

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