Henkel Adds Expansion To Factory In Geneva, Creating New Jobs In The Community

September 22, 2020

A new multi-million dollar production facility is coming to Geneva and creating new high tech jobs.

Multinational chemical production company Henkel has announced a multi-million dollar expansion to their plant in Geneva, which will be brining in more dollars to the local economy that is still reeling from the devastation that COVID-19 has caused.

Mike Manikowski, Director of Economic Development Ontario County said:

“It’s a diverse economy and each sector was effect a little bit differently. One the whole, the revenues are down for the county.”

Henkel specializes in producing adhesives, beauty products, laundry and home care. The 650,000 square foot facility coming to Geneva will mainly produce products like soap and hand sanitizer as a branch of the beauty product division.

Doug Parkinson, Vice President of Operations at Henkel’s Geneva facility also commented on the expansion, saying:

“The great thing is the market is huge because of the pandemic the positive, Geneva has show itself to be a very agile positive can do attitude factory. So it really transforms our operations from a manual one to a very sophisticated technology driven so it not only gives career development to our current employees, but we’re going to be adding in a much higher skilled workforce.”