Guns on College Campuses

June 16, 2015

There are currently eight states who allow students to possess concealed weapons on campus. Texas is predicted to be the ninth state to allow them.

We all know of the unfortunate popular school shootings like, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, Columbine, and many more. So why is it important now, to carry concealed weapons? These school shootings have been going on for quiet some time and now some states are deciding to finally do something.
If you analyze this decision with deep thought, you may question whether or not it’s going to make campuses safer or more dangerous.
With allowing concealed weapons on campus, it is allowing students who voluntarily use their weapon to plead self defense in every case. Right or wrong?
Allowing concealed weapons on campus gives students who are irresponsible and a danger to others, easy access to deadly weapons.
Do we really need students carrying concealed weapons? In unfortunate cases of school shootings, will it cause more harm or will it remain the same?
Is putting a weapon in the hands of a typical drunk student saving a life or is it threatening another?
Students quickly ran to Facebook to express their opinion on this controversial topic. One grad student Steve Hall said, “The issue is that concealed-carry permits are not issued only to college men and women who are sober and responsible. It is not enough that they do the right thing most of the time; it is important that they do the right thing all the time if they are carrying. And this age group is not well known for that. I shoot, and I am a grad student. I think allowing guns on a college campus is a terrible, terrible idea.”
Would you feel safe if your children went to school on a campus in which allowed concealed weapons? What’s your opinion on this new raging topic?

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