Google Releases Tracking Data Of User Movements Across The Globe

April 7, 2020

As the weather changes becoming warmer we still have to continue to practice social distancing while we are out. That means we should not be congregating at parks.

Earlier this week it was announced in Monroe County we are slipping when it comes to social distancing and staying home. Monroe County Executive Adam Bello said there is cell phone tracking data that shows we are not staying home and he is right.

Google publicly released a collection of user data from mobile devices that tracks user movements across the globe. The amount of data released by Google is massive – every country, state, and city.

The move by Google is to help public officials see if people are staying home or social distancing. According to the COVID-19 Community Mobility report Monroe County is not doing well when it comes to parks.

The data shows a 115% increase in visits to park across the area.

We continue to think everything is private – nothing is private as long as you have a device you WILL be tracked. If we do not practice social distancing and stay home we will be forced to durning this pandemic.

If you don’t believe you or we are being tracked you can see for yourself by clicking Google COVID-19 Mobility


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