(DAIQUON)– A 9 year old Girl Scout had the amazing idea to sell her cookies right outside of an marijuana dispensary in San Diego, California.

In just 6 hours, the 9 year old sold 300 boxes! Now, the Girl Scout organization is looking to see if the young lady broke any rules according to the organization’s bylaws.

If the Girl Scout organization determines she didn’t abide by the rules given, she could lose the awards she earned by selling a certain number of box cookies. Spokeswomen Mary Doyle previously stated that the 9 year old girl was in a commercial area, which was not allowed.

Personally, I feel as if that rule was never clear to the participants who are involved with the organization,they should not be disqualified. I also feel like this was a great idea, I mean why not? Why be so strict on the kids instead of letting them enjoy what they are doing? If they arent breaking any laws and their parents are assisting them, whats the big deal?

Do my viewers feel where im coming from? Was this a good idea or bad idea? Give me ya input on this topic and comment below.