GI's Mixtape Review

September 23, 2015

Drake and Future’s mix tape may be leading the pack in downloads, but Rick Ross is dominating the streets.  With quality beats and lyrics, “Black Dollar” is outshining the overhyped collaboration of Drake and Future’s ” What A Time To Be Alive” mix-tape that seems to be a mockery of what it’s like to be extremely wealthy and famous. Drug infused lyrics over a bunch of throw away beats pretty much sums up this album.
Out of 11 tracks, one in particular stands out and ironically is the last track on the mix tape. 30 for 30 not only re-opens the battle wound of Drake and Meek Mill but also puts the nail in the coffin for Meek Mill solidifying Drake’s spot as one of todays greates lyricist.
Great idea…terrible execution. This mix-tape deserves a 4 out of 10. However, Rick Ross mix-tape “Black Dollar” keeps that maybach sound with banging tracks like Bill Gates, Geechie Liberache, Money Dance & Worlds Finest just to name a few.  Although I feel this album won’t receive the same recognition as Drake and Future, it is by far the superior.
We need to play some of the songs off these mix-tapes.

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