Geva Theatre’s The Royale Reign Review

April 15, 2019

Well there is not much to say about the production of The Royale at Geva Theatre but freaking BRILLIANT!!

The Royale is like a perfectly composed song – an unforgettable masterpiece.

There’s a scene where Jay “The Sport” Jackson (Jamal James) and his sister Nina (Lisa Tharps) battle back and forth while Jay explains the reason he really wants to win his fight, it’s a VERY powerful moment. So much so, a tear or two escaped my eyes, I’ll admit that but believe me I fought a heck of a fight!

What’s even more interesting is the production is set in America in 1905 during the Jim Crow era when segregation was thing and racial tensions were high but it eerily still feels similar to today.

The entire cast is phenomenal in this production you will definitely enjoy The Royale.

The Royale is written by Marco Ramirez award-winning writer of Orange Is The New Black and Sons of Anarchy.

It’s running at Geva Theatre April 16-28 and it’s a must see.

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