Gayle King Facing Severe Backlash For Asking WNBA Star Lisa Lesile About Kobe Bryant

February 7, 2020

On Wednesday a clip was released that went viral of the interview Gayle King did with WNBA star Lisa Leslie. Gayle King asked if the legacy of Kobe Bryant is complicated because of the sexual assault charges. The charges were in fact dismissed in 2003, 2004.

The severe backlash from people including celebrities on social media prompted Gayle King to post a video via IG TV Thursday giving her perspective. Part of the heavy criticism she is receiving on social media is because she has not spoken out about Harvey Weinstein.

King blamed CBS for releasing the clip basically without her consent. She said she didn’t know via her IG TV post.

My thought is she shouldn’t of asked the question even after watching the full interview in context I’m still disappointed with Gayle King. Her IG TV statement is a lot too late but I do think, at least, she should offer an apology to the Bryant family out of the public eye.

For me integrity is everything and sometimes you have to stand up for what is right and/or protect your own even if it means sacrificing ratings. I will say Lisa Leslie kept it professional and handled those questions. Thank you for not allowing mainstream media destroy someone so great and means so much to us.

After you watch the videos please let us know your thoughts text 678-1039.

We are going to talk about it on the Wake Up Club for Feedback Friday.

Here is the full interview so you can hear the question in context. The question Gayle King received backlash for starts at 3:10.

Now here is Gayle King on her Instagram account explaining her perspective.

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