Former Florida State Coronavirus Data Analyst Arrested For Using State Messaging Systems To Tweet About COVID-19 Data Manipulation By The Governor

January 19, 2021

Rebekah Jones is a former Florida State coronavirus data analyst who was fired from the Florida State Health Department in May for “refusing to manipulate coronavirus data.”

She was also charged with one count of offenses against users of computers, computer systems, computer networks and electronic devices according to the FLDE.

They found out that she used state messaging systems to tweet:

“It’s time to speak up before another 17,000 people are dead,” said a message sent on November 10, according to the affidavit. “You know this is wrong. You don’t have to be part of this. Be a hero. Speak out before it’s too late.”

She surrendered Sunday to the Leon County Detention Facility.

After posting bail, she walked out of the courtroom wearing a mask. When she was greeted by the reporters outside, she told them that she had tested positive for COVID-19 and walked to her car.


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