Florida Invites Guests To Wedding On Property They Didn’t Own

April 26, 2021

A couple in Florida planned on having a fairytale wedding at a large mansion in a Florida suburb and it invited a bunch of guests to attend their special day.

The couple plant a two-day event Now they’re only problem is they never told the actual owner of the mansion about the events.
Courtney Wilson and Shenitta Jones invited their whole family to the huge mansion.
Now one of the soon to be groom arrived to the property Saturday morning to set up and he was greeted by the owner of the estate.
The owner said he never gave the couple permission to hold the wedding on his property and called police.
Now according to reports Courtney Wilson previously toured the property as a potential buyer of the $5 million dollar mansion and had no idea the owner still lived on the property in a different house.

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