Florida Couple Exposes Systemic Racism

November 23, 2020

When we say there is systemic racism in America you have people from the other side down playing it saying it’s not true. This story here is solid proof that is going on in America and has been going on.

Abena Horton and her husband Alex Horton a interracial married couple experience discrimination racism first hand.
Couple went to get an appraisal on their home and got a shocking value give me the bank couldn’t understand.
Abena Horton who was the employment and labor attorney came up with a great idea remove all of their family pictures with her and her son and just use her husband’s pictures with his white family and get a second appraisal.
After doing that the value of a home shot up over $100,000 sad but true.
So next time when you hear the word systemic racism, white privilege understand where it’s coming from read full story and watch the video below.

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