Flint Michigan Water Crisis Is Still A Crisis

November 4, 2016


If you think the water crisis in Flint Michigan has gone away or has improved and been fixed you are sadly mistaken. Unfortunately, they are still using bottled water and water filters to get “clean”  water to cook & drink with according to the Washington Post.

The residents of Flint Michigan who have suffered tremendously through this crisis are now able to file a lawsuit against the state of Michigan and city officials. A judge in the Michigan Court of Claims ruled that Flint residents have the right to sue for negligent decisions made leading to the contamination of the water supply.

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Meanwhile, there is another story coming out of Michigan that involves the worlds largest food supply company Nestle. Apparently, the food company asked for more groundwater (from 150 gallons per min. to 400 gallons per min.) to be pumped from Michigan to supply it’s $36 million Ice Mountain bottling plant expansion project.

All for the cost of a $200 annual paperwork fee. So basically, because Nestle owns the “private property” they get to pump ALL of that water out for FREE.

You have got to be kidding me!

Let me get this right… You have the largest food supply company in the world able to pump clean water into plastic bottles to sell for maybe 80% profit (that’s being modest) 120 miles away from Flint, Michigan?? And our government can’t even figure out how to clean up the water supply for people who live there?!!

Ummmm…  Is it me or does this bullsh** make no sense at all… Oh wait yeah it does because the cents make the $$$ ca-ching!

I think I will go back to reading the story of the chemist who figured out how to un-boil a boiled egg that makes me a happy Reign.

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