Flight Attendant Spill The Tea On Your Flight you Might Not Know

January 29, 2020

I came across an article and I’m not sure how old it is. But it says the do’s and don’t you shouldn’t do when on an airplane.

Well a flight attendant by the name of Jamila Hardwick spilt the tea about things on an airplane that the average customer doesn’t know. She pointed out that most flight attendants never order a hot beverage while flying. You asked why?  The answer to that question is because the pipes are rarely cleaned so therefore stay away from ordering coffee and tea. I just had two black coffees on my flight recently.
The second thing she talked about was never asking a flight attendant to help you put away your luggage because they don’t get paid for it and if they get hurt helping you they can’t get workers compensation be they pay starts once the door is closed and ready to takeoff. And she also mentioned about the germs everywhere is filled with them. Sometimes knowing too much, is too much. Just like when you’re eating at a restaurant same risk.

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