Federal Legislators Urged to Put Partisan Politics Aside

May 29, 2020

On Wednesday, May 27th, Governor Andrew Cuomo travelled to Washington D.C. to meet with President Donald Trump at the white house to discuss reopening the economy.
During his address on Tuesday May 26th, Cuomo announced that while still very tragic, only 74 people died of coronavirus and that it’s a sign that “…We are heading in the right direction.”
He followed with: “There cannot be a national recovery if the state and local governments are not funded – that is a fact. Is now the time to salvage essential services? Don’t you realize if you do this, if you cut state and local government and cause chaos on the state and local level, how does that help a nation striving to recover economically?”
His statement is meant to address the politics that are going into deciding how many federal dollars are being diverted to each state. Conservatives have been arguing against wealth redistribution while the states that are hardest hit aren’t getting the funding that they need.
Governor Cuomo has suggested starting infrastructure projects to jumpstart the economy and create jobs for New Yorkers.
“Now is the time to do it, let’s put Americans back to work. It is common sense.”

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