Exchange Your Ex Picture For A Free Whopper From Burger King This Valentine’s Day!

February 10, 2020

Who knew that one day your ex would be beneficial on Valentine’s day?

Well Burger King is changing the game and making us all happy for our Ex’s because on Valentine’s day  Burger King is allowing you to exchange a picture of your Ex for a free Whopper. On February 14th , 2020 you’re getting the chance to exchange your Ex flame for a more delicious flamed grilled Whopper.

This entire exchange stems from the release of new film Birds of Prey, in which Margot Robbie plays the lead who embarks on her post-breakup emancipation from The Joker according to

This is not for all locations, this is only for four of the fast-food chain’s major locations across the country.  The locations are listed below.

  1. New York: 327 W 42nd St. (valid Feb. 14 to 16)
  2. San Francisco: 35 Powell Street (valid Feb. 14)
  3. Los Angeles area: 545 North Victory Boulevard, Burbank (valid Feb. 14)
  4. Boston area: 150 Everett Ave., Chelsea (valid Feb. 14)

This is indeed a clever way for marketing and one I can say I hope they implement each year and expand to more locations.