Evacuations Mandatory For Virginia, North And South Carolina

September 10, 2018

Hurricane Florence is being reported to be as devastating as hurricane Katrina.
Florence was  upgraded two times Monday to a category 4 which prompted governors in Virginia, the Carolinas, and Maryland to issue states of emergency.  
North Carolina ordered mandatory evacuations Monday starting at noon, Virginia will begin evacuating at 8am Tuesday and South Carolina will start Tuesday at noon.
Hurricane Florence is expected to hit land Thursday which  meteorologists say will stall dropping up to 2 feet of rain in those areas.
Power outages anticipated for a lengthy amount of time so the governors of those states are warning residents to be prepared.
Local Red Cross volunteers have been deployed to help the victims of hurricane Florence.
If you have family or friends in any of the areas you may want to reach out to them and make sure they have somewhere safe to go.

Source: CNN

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