East High All-American Football Star Denied Appeal

September 20, 2019

Written by Tariq

East High School Football Star, Seven McGee, was denied an appeal to play football this season by Section V on Wednesday afternoon due to issues with a transfer rule violation. 

“Unsafe living conditions”, was listed in East High’s appeal as the reason for leaving California’s Narbonne High. What I don’t understand is, how McGee’s last school (Narbonne High) refuses to give all the proper information to Section V in order to make him eligible. Apparently, the current administration at Narbonne High can’t comment on the previous administration. So now McGee, a top-100 recruit in the class of 2021 and sophomore All-American, cannot play because it? This only leaves me with more questions. Clearly there’s more to the story, or at least some missing pieces. Either way, I just feel bad for this young man who can’t play football.  You don’t get your high school years back.

East High Superintendent, Dr. Shaun Nelms, said he will continue to fight on McGee’s behal. He released this statement:

“East Athletics was notified that Seven McGee’s appeal for immediate eligibility to play football has been denied. Last week, on behalf of the East football student-athlete, we appealed to waive the normally-mandated transfer rule. This appeal was based on the alleged academic and athletic misconduct at Seven’s previous school and the unsafe living conditions in California, thus leading to his decision to return home to Rochester for a better environment. We are sad to report that the waiver has since been denied. It is disappointing that Section V was not more understanding of Seven’s circumstances and his desire to return to his home community and school. We do, however, respect the section’s need to be consistent with the standards that it uses to evaluate appeals. And, while we appreciate the current administration at Narbonne High (where Seven attended for less than 60 days) provided information for the appeal, they could not speak to the conditions that were present at the school under the previous administration. We worked diligently to make a case for hardship. As much as we believe that a waiver would have been just and that hardship and opportunity play out differently in various communities and populations, we recognize that Section V represents a large region and must consider many factors in its decisions.  Looking ahead, it is unfortunate that Seven will miss his entire junior year of football, and while we have considered all options, it is best that we now help Seven and his teammates to accept the section’s decision and to move forward. Our priority is to focus on Seven and his remaining academic and athletic career and to support him through this difficult life experience.”

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