Dwyane Wade And Gabrielle Union Are Proud Their Daughter Zaya Is Living Her Truth

February 13, 2020

Former basketball player Dwyane Wade is one of the best in my book, but Dwayne Wade the father is absolutely amazing!

The support him and his wife Gabrielle Union give their daughter Zaya is beautiful. While Wade was on Ellen he shared his experience supporting his child who is transgender. Zaya was born male and her birth name was Zion. Wade talked about how Zaya came to him and Gabrielle Union and said she was ready to live her truth. He also discussed how as parents they are very proud of their daughter and her decision to live her truth.

Their decision to support their child who is a part of the LGTBQ community has sparked a lot of conversation on social media some positive and some negative.

The healthy dialogue is great however the mean, hateful, and hurtful comments are what is disturbing. You feel how you feel that is fine but when you threaten someone and their child that’s crossing the line. When did supporting your child to be what or who they want to be become such a problem?

To the people full of hate, if it is not putting money in your pocket or directly effecting your everyday life why do you care??

And to the people who are absolutely ignorant about the LGTBQ community here are a couple of things to understand.

Being a part of the LGTBQ community does not mean that person needs to be “fixed” by the bible – they are beautiful just the way they are. If that is the case everyone on this earth needs to be fixed because no one is perfect including you.

It’s okay to love your child and support them no matter what they identify as – period.

Love has no boundaries – Love is Love.

Since it’s Black History Month here is a link to an interview with novelist James Baldwin – The Voice: Being Gay In America

Check out what Dwyane Wade said on Ellen. I think the transparency of him and Gabrielle Union’s unconditional love and support of their children is incredible!

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