Drake is a Fan of “Put it on his tab” Prankster

April 14, 2021

Imagine you’re chilling at the bar and a random stranger comes up and orders $800k worth of bottles and tells the bartender to put it on your tab.

This is exactly that happened to Drake recently. His look of bewilderment is priceless in this viral video.

“Miss — let me get 2,000 cases of Virginia Black, 40 cases of Bumbu, and three cases of tequila. And put it on his tab” comedian TravQue tells the bartender.

Drake is seemingly annoyed by the prank, but after doing a little digging, the 6 God is actually one of TraQue’s 670,000 Instagram followers.

Days after the prank went viral, the duo posted this selfie… revealing the fact that Drake was actually in on the joke. (He is an actor afterall)



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