Dr. Dre’s Ex-Wife Wants $2 Million a Month In Temporary Spousal Support

September 4, 2020

Would you sign a prenup before you get married?


That’s what Nicole Young (Soon to be Ex-Wife) of Dr. Dre did. Young also claims, 2 years into their marriage Dre told her he was ashamed he made her sign the prenup and tore it up in front of her. Dre denies he ever tore up the prenup, and says she signed it willingly and wants it enforced.

This comes after Young asked for $1,936,399 monthly in temporary spousal support, according to the docs. Young also wants an additional $5 million in lawyer fees.  Sources close to the couple tell TMZ, Young is still lives in their Malibu house and has access to all the cars, personal chefs and other luxuries. Dre is arguing Nicole doesn’t need anywhere close to that amount since her lifestyle hasn’t changed. To Read More Click Here

Source: TMZ

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