Doja Cat Apologies to Noah Schnapp

July 18, 2022

In case you haven’t been following the Doja Cat versus Noah Schnapp from Netflix’s Stranger things, here is a quick run down for you: Last week, Doja slid into the dm’s of Noah’s, asking if fellow Stranger things co-star, Joseph Quinn, was single. Well, Schnapp then screenshotted and shared that dm with everyone via TikTok, and Doja was not too happy with him for doing that. After Schnapp’s since-deleted TikTok went viral, Doja went on Live to say that Schnapp’s behavior was “so unbelievably, like, socially unaware and wack.”

Schnapp told Variety he later made amends with Doja, stating: “So, as I should, I apologized. She was totally OK with it, and was like, ‘I’m sorry how I reacted…It was all good. I love her. I’m, like, the biggest fan of her music, and I told her that. I was like, ‘You’re literally my role model.’ It’s all good. People make such a big deal out of everything when it’s on the internet, but, like, in reality, it’s like a two-minute thing.”

Source: Billboard

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