Demonstrators Sit Naked With Spit Hoods On Their Heads To Protest The Killing Of Daniel Prude

September 8, 2020

Early yesterday morning, demonstrators protested against the murder of Daniel Prude by sitting naked in front of the Public Safety Building with spit hoods on their heads and the words “Black Lives Matter” on their backs.

The demonstration echoed the way that Daniel Prude was treated by the Rochester Police Department while he was being detained and eventually killed.

City Council member Mary Lupien (D-East) described why the demonstrators displayed themselves this way:

“It was cold. He was handcuffed on the ground, no blanket,” Lupien said. “It can too quickly be sensationalized and really compartmentalized, but I think it’s really impactful to just imagine as a human being this happening to you and your loved one.

“When police show a militaristic response, they send the message that the community is the enemy and we are not — we are in this together to protect our community from any harm.”


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