Daniel Prude Case Update: Grand Jury Trial Begins

November 9, 2020

A grand jury is now investigating whether or not Rochester police officers played a role in the homicide of Daniel Prude.

One of the attorneys representing the officers, Matthew Rich gave a statement that said:

“We understand that the grand jury process is underway and we have been in touch with the assistant attorneys general handling the matter,” Rich said. “We look forward to the outcome of the grand jury’s investigation and we are confident that our clients will not be charged criminally once all the evidence and testimony has been considered.”

The trial is expected to take weeks, if not longer, as the grand jury meets only a few days a week.

Due to COVID-19 and a backlogged court system, the trial will not take place in the Hall of Justice grand jury room, but someplace else, where there is room for social distancing.

While we don’t know which officers are receiving criminal charges or what those charges will be.

This is a developing story.

Democrat & Chronicle

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