Da Brat Owes An Extra $1.3 Million In Lawsuit By Ex-Cheerleader

December 11, 2017

Da Brat’s bottle service back in 2007 led to a hefty lawsuit while she was in prison and now has to pay an extra $1.3 million in  interest because she hasn’t paid a dime yet.  

Former NFL cheerleader Shayla Stevens sued Da Brat after and incident back in 2007 where she claimed damage to her face, scarring , physiological damage, and neurological damage from Da Brat hitting her in the face with a liquor bottle.

Now remember this incident was what landed Shawntae Harris a.k.a. Da Brat a three year prison sentence.

The jury in the lawsuit said the SoSo Def rapper was responsible for the incident and originally awarded Stevens $6.4 million however, Ms. Harris has not paid a dime.

Stevens is clearly not about to play games with Da Brat, she filed documents in California to get all her coins.

Since Da Brat hasn’t paid the judgement incurred interest (about $1.3 million) bringing the grand total to $7,806,736.37 and she has already received wage garnishment notifications.

Source: The Shaderoom



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