Cuomo Introduces ‘Say Their Name’ Reform

June 6, 2020

During his press briefing on Friday, Governor Andrew Cuomo revealed a plan called the “Say Their Name” Reform, in response to the protests and demonstrations against the murder of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers.
The 4 cornerstones of the reform are as follows:
  1. Transparency of prior police disciplinary records – known a 50.a
  2. No chokeholds
  3. False, race-based 911 calls should be a hate crime
  4. The Attorney General will be an independent prosecutor for police murder
Cuomo says that the reform will restore the confidence, respect and trust that are essential to the relationship between the police department and the community at large. He went on to say that issues like public safety vs civil rights shouldn’t be a “pick a side” scenario, but that both are needed for the greater good.
He cited the coronavirus pandemic as proof of societal behavior changing “remarkably fast and. … effectively,” and that this pattern can be applied to achieve some of the goals the demonstrations have been pushing for.

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