COVID-19 Vaccination Phase 1B Is Taking Longer Than Expected

January 12, 2021

Pharmacies will be the main distributor of the COVID-19 vaccines as they become available across New York State in the coming months.

While the powers that be have made this announcement, the pharmacies themselves say that it may be harder than they thought to make it happen.

Places like Miller’s Pharmacy think that the State of New York may have bit off more than it can chew when it was planning phase 1B.

Miller’s Pharmacy has been selected to be a distribution site, but they can’t start the process or schedule anyone until they receive any vaccines.

They applied for the vaccines back in October, but they weren’t able to order any until Sunday.

Jennifer Murray gave a statement, saying:

“We can only book so many doses we think we will use in a certain time frame, we are waiting confirmation for how many doses we will receive and when. Not knowing when we are getting the vaccine, it’s tough. To make sure we have the staff so we are kind of all on-call,” she said.

“It’s going to be a different process, you have to social distance, wait 15-30 minutes, have the appropriate space to set that up so its a little bit more cumbersome than your basic flu clinic.”