Couple Sees Stolen Items Being Sold on Facebook

August 8, 2017

Are criminals getting dumber?

Allegedly, two young men in Tennessee robbed a couples apartment while they were out Shopping Saturday afternoon. Upon their return they found their TV, laptops, Xbox, and more were stolen.

The couple thought they’d never see their items again until the boyfriend started scrolling through Facebook marketplace and saw some familiar things.

“The picture was the TV,” he said. “It had my Xbox hooked up to it and when you sign into Xbox, you have to use your username; my username was still on the screen.”

They decided to take matters into their hands and set up a meeting point to “buy” back their stolen television. The couple alerted police of the set up and had them meet at the pick up location. When the suspects arrived the police apprehended the men.

The couple are still searching for the rest of their stolen items.

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