Congresswoman Maxine Waters Office Evacuated After Anthrax Threat

July 25, 2018

Authorities responded to a call of a ‘suspicious package’ delivered to the office of Congresswoman Maxine Waters a.k.a. Auntie Maxine who does not bite her tongue when it comes to Donald Trump..
The package was labeled “Anne Thrax” according to authorities. 
Rep. Maxine Waters has received a multitude of death threats after she called for protesters to confront President Trump on his “zero tolerance” immigration policy last month. She had to cancel two events last month in Alabama and Texas after a “very serious death threat.”
Waters addressed the death threats she has received since saying “All I have to say is this, if you shoot me you better shoot straight, there’s nothing like a wounded animal,” while speaking in Los Angeles last month.

The package labeled “Anne Thrax” was removed from the building by L.A. Police Department and a HazMat crew. There was no anthrax was found in the package and it was found not to be dangerous according to the L.A. Fire Department.
The LAPD is investigating the incident and there were no injuries.
Video Source: CNN

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