Community Raises Money for Shining Stars Basketball Academy

Shining Stars Basketball Academy coach, Johnnie Mathis, survived a fire at his Greece Commons home this past December. Unfortunately for his team, their uniforms, which were valued at more than $3,000, were destroyed.

In an interview with News 10, Mathis express his initial thoughts after losing everything in the blaze:

“It was just like a ton of bricks. It was just like, what am I gonna do next? How am I gonna take care of this season? Where am I gonna get the funds from?”

After hearing his plight a Penfield woman, Anita Chazan, took to Facebook to ask the community for help. Chazan organized a community fundraiser and was able to collect more than $1,000 to help the team.

“They couldn’t afford to buy new jerseys and it’s a good thing to do to help the community, we were happy to do it,” she told News 10.

With the help from Chazan and community members, Mathis contributed some of his own funds and was able to purchase new uniforms for the Shining Stars and get them back in the game.