Comedian Leslie Jones – “The Best Way To Conquer Pain Is Laughter”

What’s happens when comedians can’t be comedians?

You have a world full of miserable, unhappy, and unkind people which is kind of what we have now i.e. President Trump.

I thought it is a comedians job to make us laugh or maybe I’m the weirdo for wanting to laugh and enjoy life but comedian Leslie Jones said something that is absolutely a FACT about laughter.

Comedian Leslie Jones was recently on The View and addressed people bringing yesterday into today.

There are some comedians (probably all comedians) that made inappropriate jokes 20 years ago and people want them to be held accountable for it today.

Leslie Jones said something that gave me goosebumps, “The best way to conquer pain is laughter.” #TRUTH

She addresses comedy and people being offended all the time at the 2:35 mark watch what she said.

To ALL comedians past and present THANK YOU for the laughs!!

Oh and speaking of laughs Talent’s It’s Just Comedy Club will be opening soon. I can’t say the date BUT I’ll leave you with this hint back to school, back to comedy!