Climate Studies Suggest Large Population Shift To Western NY

October 12, 2020

Many climate scientists are predicting that large populations will be shifting locations as the temperatures become too warm due to climate change.

Rochester is right on top of the list of desired destinations for the climate refugees. According to a study, the finger lakes region won’t be affected as much by the warmer weather, and should stay desirable for the next 50-100 years.

When asked about who will move, Dr. Lee Murray said:

“I’m not an expert on human migration. Yes there’s definitely an environmental and social justice a space to all of this that the communities that are going to be the most negatively impacted first are the ones that are poorer, traditionally communities of color. Those are the ones who precisely lack the means to move to a new location. It is probably that the wealthiest individuals who will be the ones that have the greater ability to move, but they might also be the ones that have the greater ability to build a seawall around their house or deal with storm damage and repair it.”

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