Climate Change Does Effect Life Especially Sea Turtles

January 9, 2018

Here is something interesting for your Teachable Tuesday. Did you know that a sea turtles sex is determined by climate and not genetics? 
Could you imagine if gender in humans were determined by climate instead of genetic code? That would make things real interesting on planet earth!
Anyways, back to the sea turtles. So sea turtles do not carry a code in their genes like us humans, but rather, climate is key when determining gender.
Green sea turtles that are born in warmer climates like in Australia near the Great Barrier Reef are 99.8% female. The sea turtles born in cooler beaches are less likely to be females typically 35% would be born male.
Scientist are studying the sea turtles at their main breeding ground on Raine Island, where the temperature has risen significantly since the 1990’s.
Scientist believe the temperature has risen due to climate change and is effecting the sea turtle population in a not so good way, causing the population to be predominantly female.

Raine Island

Raine Island

Eggs laid in sand that is hot produces females and eggs laid in cooler sand will most likely produce males.
Long story short the warmer weather ala climate change could lead to extinction if this issue is not resolved. Scientist are looking into ways to balance the sea turtle population.
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