Child care options expanding in Monroe County

(DAIQUON)–Monroe County is expanding its job training for many reasons…

The program  is set to “provide child care reimbursements to participants enrolled in a pre-approved job training program”.
County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo says, “To encourage workforce development, it’s vital that we remove those barriers and encourage individuals to seek training in newer, high-paying industries that currently have a demand for skilled workers. Our goal is to offer this funding to 300 families over the course of the program, further complementing our existing economic development initiatives.”
The goals of expanding the child care program  are to:
  •  increase enrollment in training programs
  • decrease poverty  levels in Rochester
  • reduce the drop out rates

Eligibility requirements:

  • one or more dependent child under 13
  • a household income less than 275% of the federal poverty level
  • are enrolled in any approved training program

For more info call 585-753-6960 or go to the Monroe County website.