Check Out The World’s Deadliest Garden

August 9, 2022

If you don’t know, I love science and I love to share information about things I think are pretty damn cool! With that said did you there is a “World’s Deadliest Garden”?

In Rochester we have a pretty dope garden at the Highland Park Conservancy. The reason I bring this up is because one of the most dangerous and poisonous plants first made it’s appearance in America at Highland Park.

According to many authors, catalogs, and archives the invasive species of hogweed discovery dates back to the late 1800’s. But here in Rochester in the early 1900’s the hogweed was discovered in Highland Park. It is not there today and there is no record that the poisonous plant was purposely planted at the park.

Now back to this “World’s Deadliest Garden”, the giant hogweed plant is one of the many poisonous plants found in this garden. The invasive plant can cause severe burns and permanent scaring. BUT, there are plants that exist that can kill you by just being in the proximity of them. Some of the plants are so dangerous that if you inhale them you could faint. As a matter of fact several people have fainted while walking through this garden because they inhaled the toxic fumes.

You are actually given a safety briefing before you enter and you are instructed to not touch or smell anything in the garden. Now there are 100 species of plants in the Poison Garden At Alnwick Garden. Some are of course poisonous but some are also medicinal and then you have your intoxicating plants.

Check out this video from BBC Reel.

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