May 20, 2020

If you’re not familiar with the name @chazbruce0 , I urge you to ‘Get Familiar’, like DJ Grand Imperial would always say!
Chaz has been an extremely bright light in entertaining people in the Monroe County area for years. The guy dances, teaches, sings, plays instruments, does comedy and just has been an all around people person. Believe me, if you talk to someone who knows this man, they will have something good to tell you, for sure!
A while ago, as far as I knew, Chaz Bruce was a singer. Then, I noticed a few years ago he and his singer pal Tash Powell created this duo comedic routine in a car making up funny songs about day to day life. They even did one about WDKX. I recall Jazzy-T riding along during one of their routines as well – Great stuff!
More recently, Mr. Bruce has gained popularity on Tik Tok. He stopped by the station to introduce us to how it’s done and that he had currently been crowned as a ‘Major Influencer’. That’s a title you get when your videos receive millions of impressions. Back then he was preparing for a performance with his class for a Pepsi advertisement. He now has 3.2 million Tik Tok followers world wide and growing. You can expect so much more to come from this wild energy of his.
Check out what he did this week!

– courtesy of Spectrum News

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Everyone’s catching on to the community piano

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