CDC Updates Guidance Less Disinfecting More Masking And Social Distancing

April 21, 2021

So here is some interesting information, a year later. The US Center For Disease Control now says that disinfecting surfaces is not the way COVID-19 primarily spread. In fact, they say disinfecting surfaces could be doing more harm to you than good.

The CDC determined that the risk of transmission of the coronavirus through surface contact is very low. The virus is airborne and that is the primary way it is transmitted. On a CDC-sponsored phone briefing, it was said the risk is elevated for surface transmission indoors more than outdoors. High traffic areas like light switches and door handles also elevate the risk but it is still lower than the main way of spreading the virus, which is through droplets and aerosols through the air.

Remember a year ago the coronavirus being airborne wasn’t even a thing?

If you are still disinfecting everything that is cool especially the first 24 hours someone in your household is sick. However, don’t spend too much time on that as your main focus should the fact that it is airborne.


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