WalMart Welcomes Themselves Into Our Homes

September 27, 2017

Walmart announced today it will begin testing a new service that will allow customers with home smart devices, like the August doorbell and security cameras, to have their packages delivered inside their home instead of left on the doorstep.

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You Can Now Make Your Own Geofilter in SnapChat

June 30, 2017

Snapchat is now giving user the ability to personalize their geo filters.

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Alexa Keeps It Real

April 28, 2017

( Tariq) Hate being the bearer of bad news when it comes to giving fashion advise?

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For The Redesigned iPhone 8 You May Have To Wait

April 18, 2017

Apple is preparing to launch three phones this fall for the 10th anniversary of iPhone. BUT, you may have to wait to get your hands on the one that is said to be the “premium” model. 

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2017 Video Game Hall of Fame

April 3, 2017

The 2017 World Video Game Hall of Fame finalists have been announced.

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Listen to WDKX live

February 7, 2017

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Lady Gaga Halftime Performance Included 300 Drones

February 6, 2017

Were you wondering how in the world were the lights forming into images behind Lady Gaga as she performed her halftime show during Super Bowl LI? 

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10 Years Ago Steve Jobs Announced iPhone

January 10, 2017

A decade ago, Steve Jobs made an announcement that would change our lives forever. The very first iPhone was introduced to us! 

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Tech Tea: Amazon’s Prime Air Makes It’s First Delivery By Drone

December 15, 2016

On December 7th Amazon Prime Air said made it’s first official delivery by drone in less than 30 minutes! How exciting is that?!  

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iPhone 8

November 30, 2016

Apple is forecasted to release the iPhone 8 in late 2017. The tech juggernaut is estimated to make 120 – 150 million iPhones. A much higher volume than previously released editions. Apple is set to release three new designs in 2017 alone. All models will feature wireless charging. Supposedly, the deign of the next iPhone will look drastically […]

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