Dear Class of 2020 guest speakers and musical performance list updated this week

May 22, 2020

Several “Dear Class of 2020” virtual graduation tributes have occurred during the pandemic because of high school, college and other academic graduation cancellations. YouTube previously announced that it plans to live-stream a special commencement ceremony on June 6 to honor graduates from all age levels and walks of life. The ceremony will feature appearances by […]

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ESPN’s Docuseries “The Last Dance” Is Done, Apple TV’s “Greatness Code” Got Next

May 21, 2020

After the success of ESPN’s “The Last Dance”. Which chronicled the successful run of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. Apple just announced a new 7 episode docuseries called “Greatness Code”. The shows purpose? To look into the lives of sports greatest stars like, LeBron James, Tom Brady, and Usain Bolt and listen to their […]

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TikTok users change profile pictures as part of #ImBlackMovement

May 21, 2020

TikTok users changed their profile pictures to Black power fists on Tuesday, May 19, to stand in solidarity against racism and celebrate Black, Brown and other minority creators during a global demonstration called “Black Out.” TikTok has repeatedly censored minority creators by removing their content and allowing the app’s algorithm to suppress their posts on […]

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Never-before-aired Roy Ayers’ song released by BBE Music

May 20, 2020

Over the weekend, a “new” song by American funk, jazz, and soul composer and producer Roy Ayers and his band titled “Reaching the Highest Pleasure” was released via online streaming services. Ayers and his band originally recorded the track during a June 1977 Virgin Ubiquity studio recording session. Ayers is best known for pioneering jazz-funk […]

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Massive revenues and global access needed to bring blockbuster films to homes

May 19, 2020

Although some new spring films have been released via digital streaming services because of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, many films were postponed until next year. CNN recently explored the reasons for these decisions by studios. Children’s movies, such as “Artemis Fowl,” “Scoob!,” and “Trolls World Tour,” were easy on-demand picks that wouldn’t normally generate the massive […]

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Child sneaking strawberries

Gabrielle Union has won the ‘fruit snack challenge’

May 17, 2020

During COVID-19, many celebrities and influencers are taking part in viral challenges as a way to entertain their audience and fill their time. The latest challenge to sweep the internet is the fruit snack challenge. To take part in the fruit snack challenge you simply need to place fruit snacks, or another delicious treat, in […]

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Broadway Hit “Hamilton” Heading to Disney+ July 4th Weekend

May 14, 2020

One of the biggest musicals ever is heading to Disney+! “Hamilton” winner of just about everything from 11 Tony Awards to a Pulitzer. Is one of the hottest Broadway and Tour productions will be streaming this summer. The fireworks will start early July 3. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Broadway production was captured live. Produced by Miranda, Jeffrey […]

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Prince and the Revolution Purple Rain Tour Coming To YouTube For 3 Days Only

May 13, 2020

Do you wish you could party like it was 1999 again? Hell, I’ll take 2009 or 2019, right now. Well, you can party like 1985 again for 3 days. Prince and the Revolution of coming to YouTube Thursday Night. Like a scene out of the movie “Back to the Future”. A March 1985 Syracuse, N.Y. […]

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Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba’s TV Show “LA’s Finest” Heading To Fox In The Fall

May 12, 2020

Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba’s TV show on Spectrum “LA’s Finest” is being renewed. The TV show’s spinoff from the Bad Boys film franchise. Follows Bad Boys II’s character Syd Burnett played by Union to LA. Partnering up with Alba’s character Nancy McKenna. As the two clean up the main streets of Los Angeles. With […]

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Top Black TikTok stars you should be following

May 5, 2020

  During the COVID-19 lockdown, many people have turned to TikTok to occupy their time and provide them with light entertainment whilst social distancing measures are in place. Here are 4 Black TikTok rising stars you should be following… 1. Jojo Davila (@jojodavila93) You may recognize Jojo from a viral TikTok which starred his mother […]

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