Young Beyonce Starstruck by Selena in Netflix Series [VIDEO]

May 8, 2021

Netflix releases season 2 of Selena: The Series this week, and it’s got Beyonce fans fact-checking a certain scene. Season 2 focuses on Selena’s rise to fame and in episode 6, a young Beyonce has a chance meeting with the Tejano star at a Texas mall. In this scene you see the actresses portraying Tina, […]

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Redman Joining Method Man On Power Book II: Ghost‘s Season 2

May 2, 2021

Redman’s Ready To Rock, on Power Book II: Ghost‘s Season 2. 50 Cent’s Starz staple adds another legend from the rap world to its cast with Redman coming on board for Power Book II: Ghost‘s Season 2, which is currently filming following an electric first season. Redman was cast in the role of a character named Theo Rollins, […]

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“Trackstar” Artist Mooski Faces Backlash From TikTok Dance Creator [VIDEO]

April 19, 2021

Melodic rapper Mooski has enjoyed a whirlwind of success this past year. But you know what they say, more money mo problems. He’s now being called out for allegedly ignoring the TikTok creator who helped his song “Trackstar” blow up on the app. According to City Boy J, he may have created the challenge but […]

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Netflix Announces Chadwick Boseman Tribute Documentary

April 15, 2021

Netflix is releasing a documentary to honor the legacy of the late Chadwick Boseman. The documentary will be available to stream this Sunday, April 17th. The release of the trailer was aired this week. The title of the documentary is Chadwick Boseman: Portrait of an Artist. The star-studded special will celebrate the life and legacy […]

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April 9, 2021

 Season one of a new series on Amazon Prime called “Them” premiered on Friday, April 9th. The trailer gives the impression of a suspenseful horror film. It reminds me of an offset of the production style of the movie “Get Out” with the racial contrast included in the theme. The setting is described toward the […]

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Music Service Study Shows, Algorithm Plays More Male Music

April 8, 2021

According to a new study, music streaming service could be giving male artists more airtime. A widely used algorithm is more likely to recommend male artists, as opposed to female and mixed-gender artists on platforms like Spotify, and Apple Music. Of the 330,000 streaming music listeners over a nine-year period, only 25% of songs played were […]

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“Godzilla vs. Kong” Sets New Post Pandemic Box Office High

April 5, 2021

When my kids started watching Godzilla and King Kong movies during spring break. I knew they were gearing up for Godzilla vs. King Kong. That being said, I had a lot of fun watching this very entertaining, Clash of the Titans. I hate to even say it, but that was one of the best heavyweight […]

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The Food Network To Launch Cannabis TV Show “Chopped 420”

April 1, 2021

“Chopped 420” is a spin-off of the popular TV Show Chopped. The format stays the same. Four chefs battle it out through appetizer, main course and dessert stages using picnic baskets filled with challenging foods. With cannabis as a basket ingredient. The host will be comedian Ron Funches, and judges include chefs Esther Choi, Luke Reyes […]

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Volcano In Iceland Is Erupting Watch Live

March 25, 2021

So you know or maybe you don’t but I LOVE science! With that said when cool things happen that you may not get a chance to see I try to share them with you. No matter new planets, cool inventions, things in space, dope scientists, or pretty much anything science I see it I just […]

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Lizzo Announces A New Unscripted Show Where She Finds “Dynamic, Full-Figured” Dancers

March 23, 2021

According to an Instagram post on Lizzo’s personal account, the famous entertainer has partnered up with Amazon prime for a reality series where she will find “dynamic, full-figured” models to become dancers for her live show when she goes on tour. The casting call reads: “Here’s your chance to twerk it out on world stages […]

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