Poll Shows 46% Would Vote For Dwayne Johnson To Be President

April 13, 2021

Would vote for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to be President of the United States? The Newsweek poll states at least 46 percent of Americans support Johnson running for president. Johnson recently addressed the notion after a poll showed he has high favorability to campaign, calling the poll “humbling.” “I don’t think our Founding Fathers EVER envisioned […]

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St. Louis Elects 1st Black Female Mayor Tishaura Jone

April 12, 2021

Tishaura Jones made a historic victory as the first Black woman elected mayor in St. Louis, a triumph for progressive candidates in the St. Louis region. Jones stated race will no longer be an afterthought in the mayor’s office. The election occurred amidst the unrest at local jails, rising gun violence and a pandemic that […]

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Dick Parsons Speaks Out Against New Georgia Legislation

April 7, 2021

Dick Parsons, one of the first Black CEOs of a fortune 500 company, believes Georgia’s new legislation to be an attempt to surpress Black vote.  The law, on paper, is meant to decrease voter fraud, but Parsons thinks this is a poor cover up. Parsons said, “What does feeding somebody or giving somebody a glass […]

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New Georgia Voting Law Faces Corporate Backlash

April 2, 2021

Over one week ago, a new bill was passed in Georgia that is designed to “ensure election integrity.” This bill creates new restrictions on mail-in and weekend voting while expanding some voters’ access to in-person early voting. Civil Rights advocates are speaking out against this new law as it disenfranchises Voters of Color. There are […]

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The City of Rochester “State of the City” Address Chapter 3

April 1, 2021

The 3rd Chapter of the State of the City address was presented by Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren this week, The video presentation focused on the success of the city prior to the pandemic, efforts to assist employers, and plans to improve wages for local healthcare workers. The address included the city’s Office of Community Wealth. Which […]

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Virginia Signs Legislation Abolishing Capital Punishment

March 30, 2021

After executing more than 1,300 people over 400 years, Virginia’s Governor, Ralph Northam, signed legislation abolishing capital punishment.  This makes Virginia the first Southern state to abloish capital punishment and many believe this is a big step toward change. The article states: “It’s a move that experts and death penalty abolition advocates say has great […]

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Kim Janey Is The First Black Woman To Become Mayor Of Boston

March 24, 2021

On Monday, Boston’s mayor Marty Walsh resigned from his post to become President Joe Biden’s labor secretary, paving the way for former city councilor Kim Janey to taking over as mayor. For over 100 years, Boston has had an Irish-American and one Italian-American mayor. Now, a Black Woman will be in charge. “History will be […]

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White House Staffers Let Go For Past Marijuana Use

March 23, 2021

Some staff members at the White House were let go of their duties for admitting past use of marijuana. White House staffers were required to disclose past marijuana use and those that admitted for using it were told not to worry about anything and that it would be overlooked. According to reports some staffers were […]

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Biden Administration Gets To Work On Next Campaign Promise

March 23, 2021

Now that the COVID-19 Relief bill has gone through and Americans have begun receiving their stimulus checks in the mail, the Biden administration is beginning preparations for its next White House priority: a $3 trillion investment package on infrastructure and domestic needs. In a meeting with Senate Democrats on Monday, Biden discussed building the foundation […]

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Lawmakers Working On Packages In Albany For Mental Health Treatment

March 20, 2021

Three legislative packages are being proposed in Albany for mental health treatment. One would expand who can diagnose patients and connect them to further treatment. Those permissions would include licensed mental health counselors, if the bill is passed. Another would allow practitioners to bill Medicaid directly for services. The third would allow insurers to cover counseling outside […]

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