New Study Explains Why Shoes Come Untied #Really

April 19, 2017

You ever wonder why your shoelaces keep coming untied? (Not really I think I may already know why) 

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Health Beats: Leukemia

April 17, 2017

Hello Rochester this is Nurse Bowick,

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What would you do?

April 11, 2017

Two friends fall out over $100,000 jackpot.

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No More Folding Clothes

April 7, 2017

A company says it has created a new technology  that will eliminate folding clothes.

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Money Money Money Money

April 6, 2017

New York State may have some money that belongs to you.

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No Kid Policy

April 3, 2017

An upscale Italian restaurant in North Carolina has decided to ban children from eating there.

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Missing Children and Sex Trafficking

March 24, 2017

Sex trafficking is a real thing that is happening right under our noses. 

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Breast Implants Linked To Cancer

March 23, 2017

Ladies thinking about getting breast implants?  Better think again.

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Don’t Worry Be Happy! Today Is World Happiness Day #Smile

March 20, 2017

Today is the day to be happy! No matter how bad or good things may be do your best today to bring yourself some happiness in honor of World Happiness Day 2017!! 

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Health Beats

March 20, 2017

Congress declared March as National Women’s History Month in 1987. Believe it or not ladies that progress. It only took seven years for us to get from a week-long celebration to a whole month. Did you know that every President since Jimmy Carter issued a special proclamation which honored the extraordinary achievements of American women? […]

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