City R-Center Meal Distribution Sites – Adjusted hours

April 17, 2020

Adjusted Hours Remain in Place at City R-Center Meal Distribution Sites; RCSD Adds Four New Locations (Thursday, April 16, 2020) – Adjusted meal distribution hours will remain in place at all nine City R-Center distribution sites to better serve the community. The City’s Department of Recreation and Youth Services (DRYS) will continue to provide grab-and-go […]

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Easter Sunday takeout ideas in Rochester

April 9, 2020

If you’re having trouble finding the right ingredients for Easter meals or you’re unable or don’t want to visit local supermarkets consider supporting numerous Rochester restaurants that are providing Easter takeout specials menus. However, many of them are requesting you place orders early. Some by Wednesday, April 8 or as late as Friday, April 10. […]

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Tops Announces Special Hours for Seniors to Shop

March 19, 2020

The coronavirus has made it hard for seniors to go shopping. In some situations, items are gone by the time they or anyone else gets there. Tops just announced they will have special hours for people 60 and older on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6am to 7:30am. Dollar General and Target have both jumped in […]

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Lifestyle Legend Barbara “B.” Smith Passes away at 70

February 24, 2020

Lifestyle, Model, Restauranteur, Author and TV Show Personality Barbara “B.” Smith passed way in her Long Island home Saturday Night. Smith was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2013. She work with her husband Dan Gasby, to bring more awareness about Alzheimer’s in the African-American community. They Co-authored, “Before I Forget: Love, Hope, Help, and Acceptance in […]

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Rap Snacks becoming a popular worldwide brand

February 11, 2020

Have you noticed potato chip bags in your local supermarket or convenience stores with rap artists on the front of the bags? These snacks are called Rap Snacks, and James Lindsay created them. Lindsay said recently in an interview that Rap Snacks are on their way to becoming one of the most recognized brands of […]

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Old Bay Seasoning Is Now Being Sold In Bottle Form

January 31, 2020

Everyone knows you can’t eat seafood without old Bay seasoning.

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Your Favorite Jamaican Restaurant Is Offering “Pay What You Can” Until 2020! ?

December 12, 2019

If you’re like me, then you love, love, LOVE you some Caribbean/Jamaican food! Mmmm mmmm mmmm… ??‍? Well, thanks to Evangela “Van” Stanley, you can now “pay what you can afford” until January 1, 2020 at People’s Choice Kitchen. Conveniently located in Rochester’s 19th ward at 575 Brooks Avenue, this restaurant offers all of your […]

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No Junk Food For 90 Days!! ??‍♂️??‍♂️

December 6, 2019

Written by DJ Sight I’m trying a new challenge. I have no idea what it’s called, all I know is I can’t eat any junk food for 90 days. You start to realize how easy it is to have access to junk food when you’re not trying to eat it. You also learn how expensive […]

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What If Jobs Had Nurses Like Schools?

December 5, 2019

Written by DJ Reign Would you work for a company that has nurses on call for when you call in sick to make sure you are actually sick? The restaurant chain Chipotle actually has nurses on call to verify if you are sick or hungover according to Business Insider. CEO Brian Niccol said in a […]

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